Going for the extraordinary

I don’t agree with saying people don’t have autism any longer. I think it is American delusion. However, I do believe in High IQ autism. I am Ashton Deroy and I have high IQ autism. I have seizures and I manage my day to day life fine. I will always identify with autism, but I will never allow my parents and family to be tyrants towards their gay autistic son.

My family wasn’t brave enough to do this fight with me or even for me. They always sat back and expected me to take the injustices I was dealt. Quiet sexual assaults, quietly putting me aside and quietly moving me to mental health floors. I still think they question the validity of CBD and Autism! It is just pathetic. Dad you weren’t man enough to stand up for me. Grandma you were too family oriented to protect me. Mom you are just a psycho B*****! Kyle DeRoy you are a high functioning sociopath. Tina Sexsmith, well you think you can tell me what to do. No, No, No, SCREAMING “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

How do you think I am funding this publication with Research and Marketing? No it couldn’t be with Nurses who want to better quality of life for Autistic people. I mean right?


(Herbert & Weintraub, The Autism Revolution)

Check out their website:

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