#Autism + #ADHD + #Concussions moments of clarity

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Not intended for those under 18.

One of the hardest things I will ever explain to my family is that you can not just leave an Autism + ADHD concussion untreated. I tried to explain it for days and now it is done. I saw things for how they are… I don’t need to block people. I just need out of the family culture. I need to find my own family and friends for myself.

Here are some final fuck you messages for those in need. This is copyrighted by Moral Authority:

  • Kyle Deroy – You are a selfish Kingston Ontario RPN and I will be reporting you now. I don’t see any reason to protect your right to practice around this. You aren’t a Wiccan…. You are just an idiot, psychopath stoner! You gave me a concussion to test me for seizures. Thank you for that. https://www.cno.org/en/protect-public/employers-nurses/
  • Tracy Carpenter – It is because of you I know what Codependent means. I don’t actually need to read the full book. I just need you to fuck off and go be with my dad. I don’t give a shit about what two old people do with their relationship. Just leave me the fuck alone! I don’t need to appease you or your kids. In fact count on me doing the opposite. You make my mental condition about you. I resent that entirely. You have no claim or authority to my mental health.
  • Mary McGraw + Nicole Hill – Leave me alone. Always and forever. Nicole is like a nice cat in front of everyone. However she hisses and spits whenever you are alone with her. Next time I spray you with water bitch! Mary McGraw, we are too similar and you will never see how. Thank you for teaching me the authority of a dictator though. I use it every day.

All of these people have played a role in my formative years while I was under 26. However in an altered state they are a pain in my ass! Now I don’t care what happens to them… Good or bad. I don’t believe in Karma. Just fuck off and bye!

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